We are actively engaged in exporting an extensive range of high quality tea products. These products are sourced from the most trusted materials which are in compliance with international quality norms and standards including ISO Std. 3720. Our products are readily accepted in the market for its purity, freshness and competitive prices. With the help of our reliable resources, we are providing excellent products to satisfy ever growing requirements of our customers.

These products are offered in superior quality packaging material, so that, our products can retain their quality features for a long duration. Our ethical business strategies and transparent dealings enable us to built fruitful relations with our clients and we always try to provide customized products to fulfill the requirements of our clients.

Our Specialty
We are one of the leading exporters of a wide range of tea brands. We are reputed for providing customized products according to the requirements of our customers: We provide customer label tea (both packed and in bulk) to our customers which enables them to market Ceylon teas using their own brand name.

  • Traditional black and green tea in loose packs and tea-bags, together with flavoured teas and a variety of different packaging options

  • Available in packets and tea bags and offers a range of brand variants including green, flavoured and organic teas
  • Somerfield English Special
    • Somerfield English special made from exceptional whole leaf Ceylon tea that delights all the senses. It is a superb Ceylon tea with a rich, full bodied flavour and a striking appearance. The consumer could satisfy with its subtle and light aroma along with brightened freshness.
    Somerfield English Royal Tea
    • Somerfield English Royal tea is a form with a fresh, crisp taste which nothing remains to compares with it. The flavor and fragrance of the English Royal tea is delicate but definite and clearly natural.
    Somerfield English Green Tea
    • Somerfield English green tea is an esteemed classic throughout the world due to its fragrant and delicate taste. Apart from that the English green tea is crafted to produce a refreshing and invigorating health drink that brings out the best in beneficial properties and makes it an ideal cup of tea for anytime of the day. This is also available in packets for those who prefer to drink green tea in a traditional way.
    Product Range
    We offer all of our loose teas in bulk options to give you premium tea at discount prices. These come generally in 50 kilo aluminum inner foil paper sacks. We have a wide range of grades from Pekoe, OPA, OP, OP1, FBOP, Fannings, BOPF, Dust etc.
    We provide a wide variety of tea bags. Single chamber string and tag tea bag refers to the convenient tea bag solution, which allows exposure to the hot waters from two sides.

    Double chamber string and tag tea bags are quite similar to the Single chamber tea bags, although it offers far greater interaction with warm water. The finely powdered Pure Ceylon Tea essence is trapped in two sides which will be exposed to the warm water from four sides in the double chamber tea bags. This is possible due to the packaging done with a tunnelled opening from the centre, trapping the tea powder on either side of the tea bag walls.

    Pyramid Tea bags are the latest advancement of convenient tea making, which has revolutionised the way global community enjoys a cup of specialty tea. The bags are made from nylon strands which are woven into a tiny net-like mesh. The mesh comprise of holes that are much larger than ordinary paper bag that allow warm waters to interact with more of the tea leaves, permitting to release more nutrients, character and essential oils to your cup of Pure Ceylon Tea.

    We also offer single chamber and double chamber envelope tea bags and tagless tea bags.
    Ceylon green tea is produced by eleven manufacturers on a number of estates in the mid-grown and high-grown districts. Among the varieties produced on these estates are Young Hyson (including Chun Mee), Sou Mei or 'longevity tea', rolled 'gunpowder' tea, green tea fannings and Sencha fannings. As can be seen from this list, both Chinese and Japanese tea-making methods are employed in making green Ceylon Tea.
    Our flavoured tea range has a wide range of flavoured teas ranging from cinnamon, mint, lemon, lime, ginger, apple, raspberry infusion and any other flavor that our customers wish to have.
    Without a doubt, organic tea is a treat for your body and soul. Our robust selection of organics – green tea, loose leaf, black tea, matcha, mint tea, and more – allows you to indulge in the greatest flavors nature has to offer. These teas are planted, grown, processed and manufactured without using any chemicals and toxins and provides a healthy source of tea for the mind and body.
    A variety of flowers are used to flavour teas. Although flowers are used to scent teas directly, most flower-scented teas on the market use perfumes and aromas to augment or replace the use of flowers. The most popular of these teas include the flowers of the following jasmine, rose etc.
    Infuse herbal goodness to your daily cup of tea, by our very own herbal tea range. Let the purity of our Chamomile, Rosehip and Hibiscus and the indulging Peppermint please your taste palate; with its aromatic and alluring flavour that disguise numerous health benefits underneath the pleasures.
    Own the freshness of Tea Trends, in various convenient packaging, to satiate your cravings at any time you want. You may purchase the best essence of loose Pure Ceylon Tea in 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg and in 10kg.These packages can range from the traditional loose tea concept to the modern tea bags.
    If you are planning on gifting a tea addict, the trendiest tea in the town, why not make it special by gifting it in a special packaging customised totally for him/her. We provide packaging solutions without any restrictions. You may select package material in anything you want, in any size and a design that is only yours to own. Be it ceramic, PVC, metal, tin, wood, cloth sachets, glass and even in plastic, we are able to match your requirements with our extensive arsenal of skills, and present you your very own package design.
    It's your mark. Private Labeling is one of the many convenient solutions we provide you with, which allows you to stamp your brand in the industry. From the choice of branding, to the package design and the implementation, you have the complete control of how your brand which would look and impress your target market, without having your ideas being limited to a certain frame. At Ceylon Plantations Colombo (Pvt.) Ltd., we assist you in matching your labels or creating your new mark as per your desire. Our staff will assist clients from R & D stage to shipment stage.